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Premiere of The Retiring Right Show

Retiring Right- Episode 1

Part I

We had the opportunity to film at one of our favorite client’s property as they thoroughly renovated the residence from a traditional to an ultra-modern aesthetic- the end result of their hard work is nothing short of spectacular.

When we started on their home search a few years ago it was imperative that we find a home with high ceilings and plenty of wall space for one of the clients, who is a popular local artist, to be able to display his art properly. Moving from Palm Springs to Rancho Mirage, where they saw they could get more square footage at a lower price, was also a priority as they wanted to be more central in the Coachella Valley.

We were able to locate a residence that ‘ticked enough boxes’, and our clients could envision the potential inside and out of the property. Not all clients can do this of course; many clients we work with we aim to create a picture of what a space can be. Bringing in contractors and specialists is common practice for a property needing renovation, and we always encourage clients to get as much feedback and recommendations as possible. The goal is to exceed your initial expectations without affecting (or minimally affecting) the bottom line!

Part II

John Conroy, Director of Membership & Marketing at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, is a wealth of knowledge on this multi-faceted community and very engaging to all the members. We have known John for years, and can personally attest to his sincere character and passion for Mission Hills CC. This is a country club that is arguably the most active in the Coachella Valley- a plethora of sporting activities, specialty groups, themed dinners and events, and much more give members enough variety where there is always something to try or enjoy again.

Real estate-wise Mission Hills CC has a wide range of price points and property types to appeal to all qualified buyers. From small/large condos to medium/large/extra-large homes on the golf course, owners can really enjoy the lifestyle from whatever type of residence suits them best. Mission Hills CC is very close by shopping and dining, and not too far from the Palm Springs Airport making it a very attractive option for snowbirds and weekenders too.

Here is a link to the Mission Hills CC website: https://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Mission-Hills-Country-Club/

Enjoy the first show of the series and please pass along any comments, questions, or suggestions.

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